The Dutch Online Gaming Commission welcomes Betway on board.

Betway, a UK-based bookmaker that was founded in 2000 and has been providing betting services for over a decade, is the latest company to join the Dutch Online Gaming Commission in preparation for the impending iGaming industry. NOGA’s CEO stated that this move will clearly demonstrate how beneficial it can be while supporting Betways premium products such as live streaming sporting events at reduced prices with excluded countries including the United States due to restrictions imposed by the US government that make them less appealing than other markets such as France where gambling websites are not only legal but also heavily taxed.

The Dutch Remote Gambling Act was sent to the European Commission in preparation for the implementation of a new regulated framework next year. Since then, numerous operators have expressed interest and joined NOGA, including Betsson Group, Bet365 (British-owned), Dazzletag Entertainment (previously known as GVC) HOLDINGS, Flutter Entertainment, and others.
In July 2020, the Dutch government sent its new online gambling law to the European Commission for review in preparation for the establishment of an effective regulated marketing environment in 2021.

NOGA is now in talks with other gaming companies and has been aggressively working on adding more for the previous few months, although it is unclear when these will be finalised.

What exactly does this mean for Betway?

The company, which was founded in 2006, relied on partnerships to raise awareness rather than direct promotion. They recognised early on the strength of their commercial teams and used this as leverage for their success by implementing a strategic alliance strategy with other companies such as Paddy Power’s gambling affiliate programme or Betfair Sportsbook Ads spots during major sporting events such as soccer World Cup finals where they bet against themselves each time but still come out ahead!

With its headquarters situated next door to one of Europe’s largest online poker clubs (Malta), it should come as no surprise that GB Group is doing so well these days—the company has been utilising an innovative business technique all along: cultivating friends instead of making money.

Betway has attempted to establish itself as a market leader in Europe by forming alliances with well-known European football clubs. Through these sisterly ties and the vogue popularity of betting on soccer matches among supporters of various teams, not just those at the top or middle tiers, but also lower levels where players can make more money playing professionally than they would otherwise if they stuck around their hometowns like many people do today because there is no job security!
Offering financial incentives for signing up as well as enticing influencers inside each separate country (or elsewhere) to promote Betways products via social media is a successful approach used uniquely by this company.

AS Roma in Italy, Alaves and Leganes in Spain, Werder Bremen in Germany, and RSC Anderlecht in Belgium have all invested in esports. They aren’t just gambling with their money; the teams sponsor significant events across many sports in various nations, which has greatly aided them in driving client acquisition over the last few years.

What does this mean for Betway?

With the company’s record for developing commercial relationships, this foray into the Dutch market opens up a plethora of opportunities. If they stick to their current strategy, and given their success, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be able to sign some key football clubs as official betting partners; arguably one jewel in the crown would be AFC Ajax, which is widely regarded across Europe as one of, if not THE, most famous club in the world right now (depending on who you ask). PSV Eindhoven, on the other hand, still has a lot considering how big their association was the last time we saw them coupled up- Plus, what could be better than winning twice from two bets?!

Betway’s Dutch connections enable them to target a valuable market. According to Betway employees speaking at an online casino industry conference last year, they have become innovators in gambling goods that are very much connected with Dutch culture and popular among followers of Ajax Football Club, who make up over 55 percent of their consumers (Betways blog).